We are an advisory firm in the selection, positioning, valuation and acquisition of Colombian contemporary art pieces.


Serving new and experienced buyers, businesses, government entities, galleries, museums, auction houses and non-profit organizations nationally and internationally; through the development of research, strategic alliances, identification, selection, empowerment and representation of artistic proposals, exhibition and academic projects, audience training strategies and empowerment of young collectors. With the development of a gallery, and the use of different technological and traditional resources available; in light of a policy of conceptual strength, innovation and union solidarity, based on high ethical standards.











+  Santiago Restrepo Acevedo, Founder and CEO of RA Art Consultants, was born and raised in a family developed around art and its commercialization.



+  Son of Irene Acevedo and Alberto Hugo Restrepo -two renowned art dealers in Colombia- from an early age, his sensitivity was permeated with the not only commercial, but also social and aesthetic importance of art; always formulating in him the need to establish his professional and personal development within the framework of the artistic sector.








+  Inquietud, that in light of the experience of his parents - who at one point made their professional exercises independent - dedicated himself to analyzing to perfect and enhance the traditional strategies of representation, positioning and marketing of works of art.



+  Making the determination to study International Business. What added to his vocation is a globalized and current vision of the trends and needs of artists, representatives, collectors, galleries, museums, and various entities and people involved in the art market.






+  Sum of experiences and studies, which drive the development of market research in Miami, Mexico City, Madrid, Medellín and Bogotá, which end up consolidating in 2020 the corporate profile and service portfolio of RA Consultores de Arte.



+  As an equation that combines experience, research, contemporary positioning and communication tools, solid business ethics and a vocation for the development of strategic alliances for business expansion. All in light of a globalized vision and constantly updated.






+  We provide advice on the selection,
acquisition, and sales of works of art.

+  Development of strategies to
raise awareness and train the public
in the face of plastic art.



 +  Design, management

and administration in progress

of strategic alliances with

organizations, institutions and

entities in the artistic sector,

for the development of projects.



+  Design, management, and
administration of exhibition and academic

events, of the artistic order.

+  Research, analysis, representation

and positioning of contemporary

artistic proposals.





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