+  We provide advice on the selection,
acquisition, and sales of works of art.

+  Development of strategies to
raise awareness and train the public
in the face of plastic art.



+  Design, management and
administration in progress of strategic
alliances with organizations, institutions
and entities in the artistic sector, for thedevelopment of projects.


+  Design, management, and
administration of exhibition and academic

events, of the artistic order.

+  Research, analysis, representation and positioning of contemporary artistic proposals.


Alter Realidad

10.01.22 -  12.31.22


Jeison Sierra decided to reinvent the landscape, moving away from academic teachings and even from many modernist teachings, to reconsider landscape painting by approaching it from unforeseen angles. Sierra's representations, for example, are totally removed from the physical reality of the different areas of the country, but adjusted to them from other points of view such as the hypothetical, the psychological and the political.

His work is closely linked to the contemporary concept of ecology, and can also be linked to the idea of the Anthropocene, that is, with the intention of protesting against this time in which, according to some scientists, human beings are continually eroding the planet. Jeison Sierra, like other artists of his generation who look at the world from the imperatives of current life, have reinvented landscape painting establishing that it can portray the threats that hang against nature, that it can be a landscaping of warning, emergency and purposes that are related even to the survival of the planet.




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