+  We provide advice on the selection,
acquisition, and sales of works of art.

+  Development of strategies to
raise awareness and train the public
in the face of plastic art.



+  Design, management and
administration in progress of strategic
alliances with organizations, institutions
and entities in the artistic sector, for thedevelopment of projects.


+  Design, management, and
administration of exhibition and academic

events, of the artistic order.

+  Research, analysis, representation and positioning of contemporary artistic proposals.


 Milagro en Milagro

11.24.22 -  01.15.23


Negret creates machines, And he builds them with the same material as the machines: metal, nuts, bolts... and he paints them with saturated and flat colors. He does not paint them, as some critics think, to hide the material. If I wanted to hide it, I would remove the nuts and bolts that constantly give it away. Instead, the paint is an integral part of the function and aesthetics of the machine: it protects the metal, beautifies it, and gives each sculpture a precise temperature. But his lesson has not only been poetic. It has been, above all, humane and ethical. Ethics is not a treatise, and it is not a technique. Ethics becomes evident in action, in acting, and in doing. «It is no longer just an aesthetic search but also an ethical encounter. [...] Only great art is ethical. It arises from its origin as an expressive need. And its source - the source from which it is nourished - is not the exterior but the endearing. Not the foreign but the intimate. It arises from being and affirms itself by creating its terrain and founding its truth" (Antonio Montaña). Its roots, profound and alive, do not cast shadows. And as a truly ethical beings, the man and the sculptor walk embraced along the same path.




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