+  We provide advice on the selection,
acquisition, and sales of works of art.

+  Development of strategies to
raise awareness and train the public
in the face of plastic art.



+  Design, management and
administration in progress of strategic
alliances with organizations, institutions
and entities in the artistic sector, for thedevelopment of projects.


+  Design, management, and
administration of exhibition and academic

events, of the artistic order.

+  Research, analysis, representation and positioning of contemporary artistic proposals.


Pintura y Cine sobre Madera.

                                             9.25.23 - 11.2.23


"Pintura y Cine sobre Madera," the subtitle of this exhibition of works by José Ricardo Contreras.                                                                            includes not only his interest in both artistic mediums, but also his training and his work as an artist, precisely both between pigments and brushes, as well as both between cameras and filming and editing equipment. Therefore, the effort, generalized throughout the whole, for revealing small milestones in each of the two modes of the emergence of the images; that is why the works become intentional allusions to their production processes. Painting is his first medium; in fact, that is what the wooden envelope in the subtitle highlights. Hence, they are painted his reflections on the characterization process of the space to be filmed. His paintings reiterate the provisional nature of the space designed down to its most minor details to generate atmospheres and effects, both in an elaborate set, as in exteriors, both the containers and the contents accentuated by impact. Above all, against the usual trend, instead of talking about cinema with moving images, videos, and documentaries, in these works, without missing either the set or the preponderance of the lighting effects typical of cinema, both paintings and cinema are painted. Curiously, a post-digital cinema, but silent.                                                                           Nydia Gutierrez, art curator.




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